Stabanska lakes (Big and Small)

  • Stabanjsko jezero,Stabansko jezero,Žabljak
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Stabanska lakes (Big and Small), got their names from village called Stabna from which they are 4, 5 away. Big Stabansko Lake is situated at 1.319 m above sea level and Small StabanskoLake is situated at 1.194 m.

The easiest access to lakes is from Pluzine taking a path up the Vrbnica River and Stabanski Stream. Big Stabansko Lake is 305 m long and Small Stabansko Lake is 165 m long during the summer water level. The colour of the lakes is greenish with lighter undertones in the coastal parts and darker in the central one. Unlike Big Stabansko Lake, the colour of Small Stabansko Lake is yellowish-green. This colour comes from the colour of muddy bottom and it is characteristic during summer months.

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